A little bit about our online store, shipping policies and more

Welcome to our online venture!

What you find in our online store is a very small selection of what we carry, but we are trying to add more!

If you want to purchase something from our store that is not available online, please email us and we can create a link for you to purchase.

With the Sonoma County Shelter in Place that we are in the midst of, we will be checking emails, Facebook and Instagram often, and planning on shipping items out Monday through Friday, if possible.

Something to note: There is only one person (the owner Sofie, HI!) who is handling the online store. From pictures, to stock management, to shipping, etc. It's not always easy, and there is plenty of room for mistakes. If you are having an issue trying to check out, or shipping seems weird, please email me! I will figure out how to fix it. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and understanding while I navigate this brand new situation.

Any questions or comments? Please email us at globalheartfairtrade@gmail.com